Celebrating Women Artists At Electric

by Electric Gallery
Thursday 7 March 2024
To celebrate National Women's Day 2024, we're spotlighting some of the amazing women artists here at Electric.

Cassandra Yap

Cassandra Yap is a Singaporean-born artist now based in London, who delves into the juxtaposition of darkness and beauty in her work. With a fascination for vintage erotica and pin-ups, Yap crafts surreal and provocative imagery. Her signature style blends feathers with 60s and 70s pin-up girls, alongside gold foil and glitter accents, resulting in bold and humorous compositions with a kinky edge.

The Cameron Twins

The Cameron Twins are collaborative artists renowned for their vibrant and garish style, expressing their creativity across multiple mediums, such as screen print, digital montage, sculpture, and spray painting. Their distinctive aesthetic, marked by oversaturated bright colours, serves as a canvas for exploring themes of childhood imagination and dreams. Drawing inspiration from their own memories, they craft montages, silkscreen prints, and mixed media artworks that evoke a shared nostalgia, offering viewers visual glimpses into their past.

Florence White

Florence White, a 2019 graduate from Chelsea College of Art, is an artist whose portfolio predominantly features painting, sculpture, and installation. Her recent work centres around her personal encounter with Colour Synesthesia, particularly her captivation with the colour blue. Exploring methods to convey this experience to those who do not share it, Florence utilises blue to evoke emotion and encapsulate mood within her painted scenes, offering viewers a glimpse into her unique perceptual world.

Lizzie Lines

Lizzie Lines is a conceptual artist, who employs illustration and poetry to articulate her interpretation of life and self-awareness. She sees art as a means to facilitate deeper communication and connection among individuals. Lines' creative mantra emphasises the significance of self-perception in shaping one's choices, projects, opportunities, and relationships. Through vibrant colours and bold graphic elements, she has crafted multiple series of art prints, such as "Diving Boards" and "City Lines," the latter drawing inspiration from her daily commute experiences.

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