Meet The Artist Behind Bonnie And Clyde

by Electric Gallery
Thursday 2 May 2024

A new collection of Bonnie And Clyde prints has just arrived at Electric and we've had the chance to get to know the artist a little better.

Since 2008, the artist behind Bonnie And Clyde has been honing a distinctive artistic style that skilfully blends photography with paint, collage, and print. Her approach involves constructing collages using her own photographs, weaving together layers of original imagery with found elements and typography. These collages are meticulously crafted, often consisting of multiple layers, resulting in wall art that is both technically complex and deeply meaningful. Through her creative process, she explores the intersection of various mediums, producing pieces that captivate viewers with their striking visual compositions and thought-provoking narratives.

What inspires your art?

I’m inspired by a myriad of things it's not so easy to put into words. My passions are new film, new music, inspirational speakers, art, architecture, travel - that's a big one, people and the passage of emotions in life. I have a view from my studio where I see a lot of life and sometimes that is inspiring and sometimes escaping from that ‘reality' is more inspiring.

Do you have any other artists you draw inspiration from and why them?

Yes, I love going to the Venice Biennale as often as possible. I’ve been to the last 3 and hope to get to this year. Loved the Sarah Lucas UK show there 3 years ago. It was so irreverent and powerful. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to look at art and prefer music and any other cultural joy and other times I feel like there are so many brilliant artists new and past and I can gain inspiration from so many and so much art. I think my work has been referenced to being inspired by Hockney and I think this is true as I grew up near the wonderful Hockney Gallery in Salts Mill and shared some of his passions, as Hamilton which is true but there are millions of others I admire both in design and art that it feels wrong to focus on solely one of the greats. I also have a passion for street photography, especially for Helen Levitt, Saul Leiter, Vivian Maier and Fred Herzog but also for painters from Lubaina Hamid to Peter Doig. How could you not?

You draw from your travels and places around the world for your art, what is the most inspiring place you’ve ever been to?

I think the most interesting place for me was Havana, Cuba, I think this was the most rich visually. I also love US cities like LA and NYC for very different reasons. I travelled to Key West when I was about 18 and I think this was a big one for me too. It cemented an emphasis on my colour palette.

What advice could you give to an artist just beginning their journey?

Enjoy the process of making as much as possible. Say yes to things and keep on keeping on, you never know where the next opportunity is going to come from. I’m always learning and there is always interesting stuff available to learn from art techniques to music production. My biggest tip though is tomato time to do active / guided meditation as it's a helpful life tool and gives you answers when you relax into that mode. Don't force your actions, take inspired action only.

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