Getty Guide

Electric is delighted to present the Getty Images Gallery collection. Over 100 stunning, premium quality photographic prints by some of the world’s most famous photographers, including the legendary Slim Aarons.


Are the photographs printed from baseline digital files?
No, all our Getty Images collection are printed directly from the original negatives and transparencies. Each is individually tested and printed in the Getty Archive darkroom. Images are printed on professional grade resin paper or as Colour C-Type Prints, which compared to a standard inkjet print, offer a truer representation of the original photograph, giving each photographic print the highest quality of detail and clarity.

Do you provide authentication?
All Getty Images photographs are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and embossed with Getty Archive or Estate Stamp. The COA will be affixed onto the rear of your frame.

Where are the photographs printed?
All Getty Images photographs are printed in the Getty Archive Darkroom in the UK using traditional methods such as Darkroom hand printing, C-type, Digital Fibre and Resin.

How does the sizing on the photographs work?
All sizing information provided relates to the size of the paper, not the image size. The sizes are based on standard photographic paper sizes - resulting in the image size being a maximum of the particular paper size, including a minimum ½ inch border on the paper. Actual image size will vary.

Can you tell me what size my photograph will be once framed?
As the prints are produced from an array of film formats, using various vintage camera types, with a mix of archival film sizes and digital images to create the prints we can only give an estimated guide on the actual framed size.

Paper SizeEstimated Framed Size
10 x 8 / 25 x 20cm16 x 14 / 40 x 35cm
10 x 10 / 25 x 25cm16 x 16 / 40 x 40cm
10 x 12 / 25 x 30cm16 x 20 / 40 x 50cm
12 x 16 / 30 x 41cm20 x 22 / 50 x 55cm
16 x 16 / 41 x 41cm22 x 22 / 55 x 55cm
16 x 20 / 41 x 51cm22 x 26 / 55 x 66cm
20 x 20 / 51 x 51cm26 x 26 / 66 x 66cm
20 x 24 / 51 x 61cm24 x 30 / 66 x 76cm
20 x 30 / 51 x 76cm24 x 36 / 66 x 91cm
30 x 30 / 76 x 76cm36 x 36 / 91 x 91 cm
30 x 40 / 76 x 102cm36 x 46 / 91 x 117cm
40 x 40 / 102 x 102cm46 x 46 / 117 x 117cm
40 x 60 / 102 x 152cm46 x 66 / 117 x 168cm

How are the photographs framed?
All our frames are made from solid wood mouldings and have a painted smooth satin finish. All Getty Images are window mounted with a 3-inch snow white mount. All supplied ready to hang, complete with polycord and D-rings. We use Clarity+ Acrylic glazing on all frames which will protect your work from sunlight damage and give you the clearest view of your artwork.

Where are the frames made?
Our frames are custom made by hand in the UK. Each frame is worked on by several experienced framers and undergoes multiple quality checks before it’s expertly packed in protective packaging to ship direct to your door.

How long does delivery take?
There is a 21 working day lead time on all Getty Images prints. This allows for the photograph to be expertly printed, framed, and delivered to you. You will be notified when your framed work is scheduled for delivery.

What’s your returns policy on Getty Images?
Please note all Getty Images are printed to order and custom framed. Therefore we can not accept returns or exchanges. In the unlikely event of damage having occurred to the print or frame we will replace these free of charge. Please see our full returns policy here.