New Artist: Billy Murphy

by Electric Gallery
Friday 15 March 2024

Get to know Electric's newest artist, Billy Murphy!

Billy is a contemporary artist from Essex. He combines paintings of bears, dinosaurs and other animals with philosophical or nonsensical quotes to create juxtapositions that are both relatable and amusing. Primarily working with acrylic paint on paper, Billy takes inspiration from the Japanese concept of “wabi-sab”, embracing imperfection and celebrating absurdity and the uncertainty of the human experience.

How did you first get into art?

I saw a picture of a fish stuck inside a jellyfish and wanted to draw it. Originally I was only drawing on an iPad, however a couple of years ago I had a spinal cord stimulator fitted for a health condition which allowed me to spend more time sitting at a desk so I started painting.

What inspires your art?

I try to art that is both deep and philosophical yet completely and utter nonsense at the same time. My inspiration comes from everyday thoughts and feelings and the desire we all have to relate to each other.

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