Exclusive Print Release with Benjamin Thomas Taylor

by Electric Gallery
Thursday 18 April 2024

Behind the artist's latest print release of his most sought-after print...

In anticipation of Benjamin Thomas Taylor's latest print exclusively for Electric Gallery, we had a chat with the artist to delve into the inspiration behind the print. This new edition, titled 'I Want To Jump In David Hockney's Swimming Pool With You,' follows the success of two previous editions that sold out in record time. For this iteration, Benjamin has teamed up with Electric to present the latest edition in a colour that's instantly recognisable: Electric's signature magenta!

Benjamin Thomas Taylor, originally from Snowdonia and now based in London, seamlessly blends the landscapes of his childhood with the urban imagery of the city in his vibrant Pop Art style paintings. His art reflects a fusion of these contrasting environments, creating a dreamy and escapist aesthetic. A recurring theme in Taylor's work is the juxtaposition of large graphic letters over exotic and tropical landscapes, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

A few questions with Benjamin:

What inspires your art?

"Everything. Inspiration is everywhere!"

If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

"I'd stay with Van Gogh in his yellow house in Arles. We would draw and paint the landscape every day, from sunrise to sunset, and wait for Gauguin to arrive."

Can you tell us a bit about this exclusive work with Electric?

"The exclusive work delves into art history to bring you a love story told in rainbow tones."

What do you love about David Hockney and his art?

"That guy can paint!"

Don't miss out on this latest print before they're gone!

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