Electric Gallery presents BANKSY!

by Electric Gallery
Friday 23 June 2023

Electric Curates BANKSY is the culmination of many months of work from the Electric Gallery team.

Featuring more than 40 rare pieces, the exhibition is a celebration of the world’s most famous – and most secretive – graffiti artist.

To shop the entire collection, just click here.

Some of the many highlights include:

Rare prints like Tesco Value Soup Cans: A brilliant riff off Andy Warhol’s series of Campbell’s Soup Cans in the 1960s. This print is Banksy’s critique of mass, corporate supermarkets. Rather than featuring different flavours like Warhol’s original pop art classic, Banksy’s cans repeat Tomato Soup in a trademark deadpan dig.

Sculptures like Grappling Hook: A very rare Banksy sculpture: fabricated from acrylic and shellac on wood, with steel and a rope. Produced for his iconic 2017 art installation, Walled Off Hotel, based in Bethlehem, this was the first artwork that Banksy offered for sale for four years.

Posters like Banksy V Bristol Museum: these were created to celebrate Banksy’s takeover of his hometown museum in 2009. There is a set of all four, framed, which look amazing.

And Collectibles like FCK PTN! A framed set of Ukrainian stamps and an accompanying postcard. Banksy travelled to the Ukraine early in the current conflict to show his support for the Ukrainian people and created an iconic mural which featured on these genuine Ukrainian postage stamps.

Electric Curates BANKSY is not to be missed. Click here to make your appointment to come and see the works in person. Appointments are free but limited to first come first served.

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