Ben Eine Is Back With An Epic Mural

by Electric Gallery
Wednesday 17 March 2021

It’s big, it’s vibrant, and it’s impossible to miss… it’s Ben Eine’s 45-metre-long mural painting on Ebor Street, Shoreditch. The celebrated street artist has returned to his favourite East London spot to create another epic piece of street art. Just yards from Shoreditch House Eine is back with a beamingly bright message: I Don’t Like This Anymore.

Adding colour to the streets of London for 12 years now, ‘I Don’t Like This Anymore’ is the latest in the series of Eine’s large-scale murals. With help from his long-time collaborator, friend and fellow street artist, The Dotmaster (aka Leon Seeix), this mega multi-coloured mural was completed in just two days.

Eine posted a photo of his finished piece on Instagram with the comment: “Lockdown has made us mad, I don’t like this anymore.” Visualising what we are all feeling, that resonates with just about all of us.

The artwork stretches right across the front of ad agency Mother’s officer. Founder Mark Waites believes Eine’s murals have made Ebor Street a Street Art hot-spot. “For almost a decade Ebor Street is Eine’s street,” says Mark. “It is now an iconic location.”

Painting the massive mural has become a semi-annual ritual for Ben Eine now. In 2019 he adorned the wall with the phrase Love, Love, Love. This year he stripped the wall back to black before giving it new life with letterform words. The artist said he wanted his new mural to bring “a little bit of happiness” to those who walked by.

Starting out his journey 30 years ago, Eine believes Street Artists have a different motivation to graffiti artists. He says “Street Artists want to add something to the environment. They consider the audience, whereas graffiti writers don’t care about anyone except themselves and do it purely for the kick”.

We are lucky enough to have a few of Eine’s limited edition prints here at Electric Gallery and they are always popular. If you’d like to know more about Eine and the prints we have on offer, email our contemporary art specialists at or alternatively drop us a DM on our Instagram @theelectricgallery.

Words: Ella Peters

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