Sunday B. Morning

In 1967, Andy Warhol made a Portfolio of 10 screenprint portraits of Marilyn Monroe from the publicity photo for the 1953 film “Niagara.” The portfolios of 10 screenprints were printed in an original edition of 250. All of the prints from the original edition of 250 were signed in pencil and numbered with a rubber stamp on the verso; some were signed in pen; some were initiated on the verso; and some were dated. Aside from this edition, 26 complete sets of Artist’s Proofs were printed, signed and lettered A-Z on verso.

The first edition of the Marilyn series was very successful and many hoped the artist would print another edition. In the 70’s Warhol worked with German and Belgian printers for his European exhibitions.

The original screens were brought to Europe anyway and the first unauthorized prints were produced in different colours from the original portfolio. The edition of 250 unauthorized prints was stamped in black on verso: "Published by Sunday B. Morning" and "Fill in Your own Signature.”

Due to the popularity of the first unauthorized edition, Sunday B. Morning continued publishing Marilyns. The subsequent edition was published in original colours, not numbered, and was stamped in blue ink to mark the difference from the first edition.