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James Kingman

Colours of the Brain - Pink Mini Edition

James Kingman
Colours of the brain - Pink Mini Edition 
Printed on South Bank course 310 gsm. 1 colour screenprint with unique spray-painted hair details, making every print unique
15 x 21 cm
Unique Edition
Signed, numbered and dated by artist 

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About the Artist – James Kingman

James Kingman is a London-based contemporary artist, renowned for his lovingly-rendered art prints of pop culture icons, including Madonna, Biggie Smalls and Elvis Presley.

James was brought up in Camden but works out of a studio in Catford. His career has seen him work for major creative agencies and household brand names.

Inspired by street art and graphic design, Kingman blends raw outputs with controlled elements and a dash of cheekiness to boot. His wall art often contains hand-crafted halftones, typefaces and other bespoke elements in acrylic pen - making each piece of his work unique in their own right. Often there are hidden messages and meanings embedded in the works for those who pay close attention.

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