Shuby artist


Shuby is a street artist who began her career in 2007, creating works inspired by 1920s singer and dancer (and civil rights activist) Josephine Baker. Her influences also include artists such as Andy Warhol and mid-century movie poster imagery. Shuby’s art prints are frequently kitsch and ironic and often have a technicolour intensity.
Shuby’s instantly recognisable banana and bunny motifs have become well known for being naughty, subversive and innocent all at the same time. Her street art collages can be seen on the streets of London, Barcelona, Berlin and more, as well as in galleries and even the Venice Biennale.
After carrying out a live-work art residency at Bows Art Trust in London, Shuby now lives in Hastings where she continues to paint, make print editions and collaborate with other artists on new and exciting projects.