Niamh Birch

My practice sits upon a blend of returning imagery and personal narratives that overlap through visual storytelling. Fragments of chatter, song lyrics and quotes from loved ones are chapters nestled within my paintings. Each layer consists of visual documents of everyday life. Tabletops, day-to-day objects, garden chairs and floral still life’s are collaged and painted over in collated domestic and exterior settings.
I depict details from everyday commodities that are often overlooked, whilst continuously observing beauty within the compositions and patterns I surround myself in. These are illustrated in vibrant colour compositions and thick textures.
Aspects of my English and Irish heritage weave in and out of my paintings, whilst engaging with warmer climates and alfresco dining. Juxtaposed by harsh black outlines are cheerful and humorous elements, allowing the work to feel
precious, yet expressive.

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