Boogaloo Stu

With a thoroughly distinctive style, Boogaloo Stu inhabits his own unique visually rich world which is irresistibly inviting, filled with an optimism that sparkles as brightly as the vintage lurex threads in one of his bespoke fashion looks. From his roots in fashion design, cabaret performance and DJ-ing, Stu subsequently sharpened his skills as a theatre-maker, touring nationally with a number of shows. 

More recently, he has honed his talents as a visual artist, creating a series of strikingly beautiful dioramas and limited edition art prints, taking inspiration from the masters of Pop Art and 1970s psychedelic illustration, alongside product design from the time:

“As a child of the '70s, my biggest inspirations emerged in that era. I’m actually particularly drawn to trippy commercial products from the time; Belinda Lyon tea-towels, Peter Max inflatable pillows, Milton Glaser album sleeves, Crystal Tipps & Alistair cartoons, the sinuous curves of early Ettore Sottsass, Barbara Brown textile designs. I’ve absorbed it all, and now I’m spewing it back out in splashy technicolour!”