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Just In! New Connor Brothers Hand-Finished Print

Imagine this in your house. A unique hand-finished print from The Connor Brothers from their classic Pulp Fiction collection. At 180cm high and 120cm wide it’s the statement print to end all statement prints. And it’s only available in ???

The title is Like The Fire Needs The Air I Won’t Burn Unless You’re There. But where does the phrase come from? We asked a friend of the artists who said: “It’s from a classic funk soul number from the late 70s entitled I Need You. The Brothers thought it was such a poignant and timeless lyric they wanted to immortalise it.”

At Electric we agree. We’ve even taken delivery of a smaller hand-finished print with the same lyric but this time in yellow. It’s not yet on the site but if you want to drop by the gallery we’d be happy to show it to you in the flesh.

For more information on the print and The Connor Brothers, just go here.